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Reclaiming the Arts for Christ

With a passion for building up communicators grounded in a Biblical philosophy, The Academy of Arts Christian Conservatory holds fast to its mission of training young people in the powerful mediums of drama, music, and film.

GAP Year

The one year GAP program (June- May) provides students with training in all aspects of theater (lighting, sets, props, makeup, costumes, acting, directing) as well as counseling and discipleship as they will travel across the United States with our staff team leaders ministering and teaching in one week dramatic word seminars.

Associates Program

The two-year Associate’s degree provides students with two years of exceptional communicative and theatrical education. Students will take online courses while touring with the Logos Theatre Touring Company from August to May. During their first two years, students will work to write and direct 8-9 minute cuttings which will be performed in their second year as the completion of their Associate’s degree.

Bachelor's Degree

During an Associate degree student’s second year, each student will be given the opportunity to audition for entrance into this exclusive program. A max of 5 students will be selected. The third year Bachelor’s program provides students with specialized training as they work alongside a creative team to write, direct, and debut their own full length production in The Logos Theatre.


The universal command from our Lord to “make disciples” is paramount. Accordingly, our program seeks to build Christlike character in each participant through one-on-one accountability and loving, honest conversations so that everyone changes to be a more fruitful disciple of the Master.

Biblical Perspective

Most of the modern world has a perspective on the arts that says “it’s just entertainment – it doesn’t matter!” We could not disagree more as we see the agendas of Hollywood and Broadway fundamentally changing the vision and values of our culture. Our biblically-based philosophies prepare each student to earnestly contend for the faith amidst a world filled with humanistic thinking.


“He that is greatest among you shall be your servant.” (Matt. 23:11) The performing arts can bring a spirit of pride or unhealthy ambition, but we teach that there are “no small parts” in a project. So whether you are center stage or moving sets in the dark, we learn, grow, and lead most effectively by serving others.


About us

In 1974, the “Academy of Arts College on Wheels” program was begun out of the necessity to provide college-aged young people a safe place to hone their artistic talents and God-given gifts. 

Students were invited to travel for a two or three year educational program which would provide them with the training and hands-on experience vital to this unique endeavor. 

Over the years the program has expanded, and in 2014, God allowed us to take our place amongst Christian education as the only Christian institution solely dedicated to the study of the arts and how to use the arts to impact the world of Christ. 

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A Word from the Directors
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Noah & Nicole Stratton
President and Artistic Director

We are thrilled that you are considering joining our unique, creative, and hands-on Conservatory! We love the family atmosphere every student experiences, as well as the opportunity for substantial personal growth in your spiritual and practical life. Through the years, God has been so good to use our Conservatory to equip and train young people like you to go out from our program as well-rounded, deep-thinking, spiritually-minded servant leaders. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and invest into you!