Host a Team

As a dedicated administrator of a school or coordinator of a home school group, we know you are always searching for ways to improve and expand the education that each of your students receives. We also realize that finding opportunities especially in the arts are hard to come by, and excellent training in the arts with a Christian philosophy is almost unheard of.

Thankfully, the founder of The Academy of Arts Ministries, Dr. Nicky Chavers, realized this back in 1973, and thus the branch known as Drama Seminars was born. 

Drama Seminars have given Christian schools and home school groups an affordable way to provide students with professional training in the arts, interactive mentorship opportunities, and unforgettable character value lessons.

This dynamic week quickly becomes the highlight of the year as students are trained by a team of professionals in the areas of stage lighting, sets, costumes, makeup, media, and acting- all centered on a Biblical philosophy and curriculum. This hands-on training is truly unequaled and culminates at the end of the week with a professional student-led production. 

The drama seminar week is an affordable alternative to your school’s arts program and will provide unity and character values training amongst your student body. Here is a quick review of how the drama seminar week will benefit your school.

Our Seminar Coordinator, Jennifer Swain, would love to talk to you in more detail about how you can bring the Drama Seminar Team to your students this year! Fill out the form below to schedule a phone call!