Host a Team

The Christian youth of today are in desperate need of training in communication in order to effectively reach a generation that is inundated with the worldly, godless media of our culture! As a leader in the Christian education movement, we know how difficult it can be to find resources that you can trust to offer a strong Biblical foundation while giving your students a truly excellent theatrical experience!
Like many groups, you may be struggling to find the time, staff, or resources to produce something that is worthy of the name of Christ! And even if you are able to acquire all the resources, you are most assuredly wanting more than just the average ‘theatre experience’ for your young people. So how can you have an educational venture that is also spiritually transformative – by scheduling an Academy of Arts Dramatic Word Seminar Week in your school or homeschool group! 
The Academy of Arts Ministries has been the trusted leader in Christian theatre since 1971 and has been effectively using the tools of drama and music to make the Bible come alive on stage and in the hearts and minds of young people all over the world. After experiencing our one-week immersive, hands-on drama camp, your students will not only be exposed to some of the best theatre teachers today, but they will be encouraged and challenged in their walk with Christ through the Biblically sound production, preaching in daily chapels, and one-on-one devotional times.
We would LOVE to schedule a time to talk through this opportunity with you. If you’ll take a moment to fill in a few details via the form link below, we’ll be in contact about which resources would be a good fit for you and your students!