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Drama Ministry Program

In 1971, Dr. and Mrs. Chavers stepped out in faith to start The Academy of Arts. With just a few volunteers and some simple stage equipment, they began traveling to churches that summer performing original biblical stage productions. The public was amazed and continually told the Chavers, “The play just made the Bible come alive.” And so, the motto of the Academy was born – “making the Bible come alive in minds and hearts through the power of storytelling”.


Dramatic Word Seminars

In 1973, Dramatic Word Seminars were started to teach elementary and high school students to do a full scale production in just one week! These evangelistic drama seminars met a tremendous need for Christian young people to receive incredible, hands-on training in the performing arts where they were challenged to fall in love with the Gift Giver, and not the gift. Our Seminar teams continue to travel every year to more than 20 schools and homeschool groups giving young people a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn and grow in their walk with the Lord as they understand how to use their God-given communication skills for His glory.


Christian Conservatory

Also in 1973, a traveling college program was begun to give students further training in all the aspects of sacred dramatic production where they could hone their skills under the direction of the Chavers and the Academy staff who traveled with the Dramatic Word Seminars. College students received “college on wheels” training as they learned on the road, and then immediately invested what they had learned into training the elementary and high school students in the Seminars. The Academy of Arts Christian Conservatory continues to this day where college students can receive excellent training through classes, training, and invaluable hands-on experiences. Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s Degree are available, as well as our one-year GAP (Gain A Perspective) Program.


The Logos Theatre

In 1989, Dr. Chavers was able to purchase the old Taylors School and began the renovations to turn it into the new theatre and homebase for the ministry. After many years of intense trials and innumerable obstacles, the Logos Theatre was able to open its doors. Through stunning theatrical performances, the theatre was a bastion for excellence and integrity to God’s truth, and today, audiences are still called to “Look. Learn. Live.” through every production they experience.


Venture Films

In 2006, Nicole Chavers Stratton (Dr. and Mrs. Chavers 3rd daughter) began Venture Films, a film production company dedicated to calling our culture to new way, a new venture towards truth through excellent storytelling for the screen. Venture has been an invaluable arm of promotional content for The Logos Theatre and other facets of the Academy of Arts, and has more recently been able to step more directly into the world of filmmaking. To date, Venture Films has produced several award-winning short films, several documentaries, and is currently in pre-production for its first feature film.