Tuition and Aid

Associates Degree
Students join this intensive, hands-on program with the first year being a year of exposure to nearly all aspects of stage production with in-depth classes and discussions in Bible and philosophy. During the first year, students pick an emphasis where they would like to focus their time and training. Areas of emphasis include makeup, costume design and construction, stage construction, prop design and construction, stage lighting, and sound design/running sound for productions. Every student will be given opportunities in acting and directing. During the second year, each student will focus their time primarily on their emphasis and working with the staff to develop their skills in that area. At the conclusion of the second year, each student will receive an Associates Degree in Sacred Dramatic Production.
Resident student
$14,400 per year or $2,400 per payment 
Town student
$10,700 per year or $1783.33 per payment


The installment payments for the Associates Degree are:
August 15th
October 15th 
December 15th
February 15th 
April 15th 

Payment terms for Conservatory students:

Midterm or final exams may not be taken unless a student’s account is completely up to date. Students paying their accounts more than 9 days late will be charged a $15.00 late fee. Student’s accounts must be paid up to date before returning for another school year. Graduating students will not be allowed to walk for graduation if their account is not up to date even if a payment plan is in place. Again, all payment plans should be worked out before the first payment is due to make sure the account is paid in full before the end of the year.

G.A.P YEar

Our goal during this program is for each young person to “Gain A Perspective” on life, on their gifts and abilities, and to jump whole-heartedly into our ministry. This year is designed for young people to work in an area of focus, perform on The Logos Theatre stage, and complete daily tasks that help them understand and forward the ministry. Students can choose form the following areas of interest: Costumes & Makeup, Sets & Props, Puppetry & Technical, Office & Graphic Design, or Film & Media. 

Town Student 
$6,000 per year / $1,200 per payment 

Resident Student 
$9,700 per year / $1,940 per payment

The installment payments for the G.A.P Year are:
August 15th 
October 15th 
December 15th 
February 15th
April 15th

Payment terms for GAP students:

Students paying their accounts more than 9 days late will be charged a $15.00 late fee. Students whose accounts are 30 days past due will be subject for dismissal from the program.

Financial Aid

The work assistance program is designed for undergraduate students. It is a year-by-year commitment and the student will be evaluated each semester as to whether or not they will be allowed to continue in the work scholarship program.

The student are assigned daily and weekly tasks, help with breakfast set-up, and are assigned a department to help ina dn run for The Academy of Arts co-op that meets each Monday.

Hours worked go toward the current school bill. Work hours cannot be exchanged for cash and will be forfeited should a student choose to leave the program. Because of the size of our program, we can only offer a limited number of scholarships. Therefore, scholarships are granted on the basis of financial need and in order of applications received.

Amount Deducted$3,000 per school year

Our seminar scholarship is granted to any undergraduate students who meets the following requirements:

  • Involved in at least four Academy of Arts Dramatic Word Seminars
  • Must have maintained at least a “C” average in high school
  • Member of a Bible-believing church

Amount Deducted$500 per school year

The basic cost for the school term may be paid by semester, by the below payment plan, or by a specified payment plan laid out between the payee and the financial officer. If a specific payment plan is required, please speak with the financial officer before the first payment laid out in the payment plan below. Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, credit/debit card, or automatic withdrawal. Any bounced or returned check will be charged the appropriate bank fees. Please note that we are unable to accept postdated checks or to hold checks.

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