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PRE-ORDER: The Nicky Chavers Story Part 2: God’s Hand on a Marriage

This item is a pre-sale of this book by Nicky and Sheri Chavers that will be released on June 1st, 2024.

The Nicky Chavers Story – God’s Hand on a Marriage is the second book in the three-part autobiographical series on the life of Dr. Nicky Chavers.

After much anticipation since the release of the first book, The Nicky Chavers Story – God’s Hand on a Boy, this second book introduces you to the girl of faith, courage, diligence and undying devotion to the Lord, who God brought alongside Nicky to help him fulfill his vision – Sheri Yarnall from Pennsylvania. Their love story parallels the founding and development of The Academy of Arts Ministries from 1966 – 1973. Portions of their love letters spanning their two year daily correspondence courtship are shared in hopes that others may see the leading of the Lord in their lives and find encouragement in “Trusting the Lord with all your heart.” Nicky and Sheri were happily married for 52 years and one day, but you will see through this book that their love, which was founded on Christ, will last through all eternity.