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Phineas T. Boggs Vol 3: Hero DVD

In this third installment to the Professor Phineas T. Boggs and his Incredible GoBac Time Machine series, find yourself going from the not-too-distant future to the sandy land of Babylon during the captivity of the Israelites under the rule Nebuchadnezzar. Professor Boggs and the adventurers with him follow the lives of three courageous Hebrew boys, and learn the value of standing up for the Lord even when no one else will. With original music and songs for the whole family by Dr. Nicky Chavers. Including: It’s a Beautiful Day I Am Professor Phineas T. Boggs Captives Our Great King Nebuchadnezzar And more! Written by Nicole Chavers Stratton Music by Dr. Nicky Chavers Produced by the Academy of Arts Ministries Performed by the staff and students at the Logos Theatre, Taylors, SC 2014.