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Logos Theatre Gift Card

The Logos Theatre Gift card can be purchased for any amount it will be gifted for with no activation or reloading fees and the card does not expire! This card can be used for anything purchasable in the Logos Theatre Gift Shop or Concessions at The Spot. The card comes in a greeting card and envelope for you to use if you are giving it as a gift! Please contact the Logos Theatre at (864) 268-9342 to place your order!

Note: This gift card cannot be used to purchase admission to a show or pay for a camp registration. If you would like to give the gift of a show to a friend for family member you can call in to our office and ask to buy a show voucher! You can also pay towards someone attending a summer camp. Just make sure when you call in to state for what purpose you intend to use the financial gift for so that our secretary can set you up with the right gift card or voucher!