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David the King Part 1: The Rejection of Saul DVD

Set in the days of the Old Testament Kings, this outstanding Biblical drama tells the unforgettable story of David, Saul, and Jonathan. The story begins at the coronation of Saul and follows his attempt to rally the people at Miemash for an unscriptural sacrifice, his disobedience at Amalek, and the prophet Samuel’s secret trip to Bethlehem to anoint David as King, a man after God’s own heart. The climax of Saul’s rejection by God’s is seen in Saul’s battle tent, where David’s faith in God, and Saul’s powerlessness, are contrasted against the backdrop of Goliath’s threats. Written by Dr. Nicky Chavers Directed by Nicole Chavers Stratton Produced by the Academy of Arts Ministries Performed at the Logos Theatre, Taylors, SC 2015.