Sponsor a Child

INCLUDE ME! These are the words of The Academy of Arts theme song, written by our founder, Dr. Nicky Chavers. The first verse is written from the perspective of an unsaved American young person, and the second verse from the perspective of a saved American young person. 

He wrote this song to try and help people see that the mission field is not simply overseas, but all around them in our own country! The unsaved American young person will die and go to the same hell as young people from a foreign land. Dr. Chavers understood that if we wanted to continue sending missionaries from America all over the world, we must first evangelize and train our own young people right here in America! 

This is the heartbeat of The Academy of Arts. How will America continue to be a shining light to give out the gospel if we fail to first reach our own children for Christ?

Please join the mission of The Academy of Arts by sponsoring a child to receive the unique and life-changing opportunity of attending one of our evangelistic seminars in their local area. At this camp, they will hear the gospel plainly and powerfully preached, and will be trained in the powerful skills of communication of biblical truth! Many of these kids could never afford to attend these camps without your help! 

Don’t pass them by. Include the American young person in your prayers and giving! They are the Leaders to be!

Include Me 

by Nicky Chavers

I do not live across waters. 
I do not speak a strange tongue. 
I do not wear native garments. 
I do not worship the sun. 
But I have a heart that is broken. 
I have a mind that is chained. 
I have a soul that’s immortal. 
And I must be born again.

When you pray for the heathen include me.
When you give to the lost, think of me.
When you go with the gospel, don’t pass me. 
I’m as lost as the heathen, you see.
I am not yet a great leader. 
I do not shepherd a flock. 
I do not know life‘s great purpose. 
I can’t its mysteries unlock. 
But I have some God-given talents. 
I have a task to fulfill. 
But I need a friend with a vision, 
Who will show me the path of God’s will.” 

When you pray for great leaders, include me.
When you give to a cause, think of me.
When you search for great treasure, don’t miss me. 
I’m as great, I’m a leader to be.