Thank you for your interest in our college program! We are excited to share more information with you as you pray about where the Lord is calling you to attend! There are a number of things that make our program unique and purposefully strategic to train and equip college-age students for their future ministry.

    The Academy of Arts has multiple branches of ministry: The Logos Theatre, Venture Films, the Conservatory, Week-long Drama Seminars (traveling ministry to schools and homeschool groups during the school year), Summer Ministry Teams (traveling to churches for a one-night drama ministry), and our Co-op that provides classes in acting, choir, dance, film and sign language for ages 5-18. We do not apologize that we are a ministry that is our heart first and foremost! We wish through all these different facets to “make the Bible come alive in minds and hearts through the power of storytelling.” Of course, this applies to the Conservatory as well. Students need to enter our program realizing that they will be a part of a hands-on, ministry-minded, immersive, discipleship experience.
    Our student body is normally 30-40 students each year. We want to keep our student body small in order for us to know, train, and disciple every student that comes into our program. Each staff member and student knows each other by name and interact together on a daily basis. Our desire is for each student to grow in their relationship with the Lord, be grounded in truth from the word of God, and master their craft of communication by the time they graduate from our program. By staying small, we are able to help each student on a personal level.
    This means that we do not have many lectured sessions where students are simply sitting and listening in a classroom setting. We believe that this craft requires the learner to be doing as opposed to just listening to how something is done. Our classes are designed for the students to have their hands on the material they are learning and doing the task while being taught it. For example, instead of just watching a staff member on our set crew create a table for a set piece and him talking through the steps to the students, he will have materials for the students to be creating their own tables step by step with him. So, by the end of that training, they will have not only heard and watched, but they will have also DONE the task to help solidify their skill.
    If you are looking for your “typical” college where you have the same, set schedule for the entire semester, and then go through the system to end up with a degree….we are not that place. We give intense training to our students and provide flexibility to give the best training possible so students are confident and excellent 
    with their skills when they leave us. As we have mentioned before, our goal is discipleship and to see the Bible come alive in each student’s heart. Through the years, we have seen that we can help each student best, not by placing them in a large system, but instead working alongside them in all aspects of our customized learning program.


The two-year Associate’s degree provides students with two years of exceptional communicative and theatrical education. Students will take online courses while touring with the Logos Theatre Touring Company from August to May. During their first two years, students will work to write and direct 8-9 minute cuttings which will be performed in their second year as the completion of their Associate’s degree. Students may also have opportunities to help with productions at The Logos Theatre when they are not touring.

The third year Bachelor’s program provides students with specialized training as they work alongside a creative team to write, direct, and debut their own full length production in The Logos Theatre. During an Associate degree student’s second year, each student will be given the opportunity to audition for entrance into this exclusive program. A max of 5 students will be selected. This program will not only challenge students to grow personally and spiritually, but will also inspire them to grow their skills in communication that reflects the nature of our God!



This one year GAP program provides students with training in all aspects of theater (lighting, sets, props, makeup, costumes, acting, directing) as well as counseling and discipleship. Students will train at our home base in Taylors, South Carolina from June to August. Then, starting in September, they will travel across the United States with our staff team leaders ministering and teaching in one-week dramatic word seminars until May. GAP students will end their tour at graduation in May and receive a one-year certificate to represent all they have learned and accomplished throughout the year.


This nine-month track (August through May) provides students with training in all aspects of puppetry. Students will work alongside the puppetry department to learn how to conceptualize, build, maintain, and run theater puppets. Students may have the opportunity to tour with Logos Theatre productions to help maintain and work puppets if the need arises.


This nine-month track (August through May) provides students with training in aspects of technical theatre that include, but are not limited to, lighting, sound, and microphones. Students will work alongside these specific department heads to learn the basics, troubleshooting, and running of each of these technical areas. Other opportunities such as audio recordings and film editing may be included in the students’ track as the need arises.


This nine-month track (August through May) provides students with training in all aspects of costuming. Students will work alongside the costume department to learn basic sewing skills, machine skills, designing costumes, and properly fitting cast. Students may have the opportunity to tour with Logos Theatre productions to assist the costume department should the need arise.


This nine-month track (August through May) provides students with training in all aspects of hair and makeup. Students will work alongside the makeup department to learn basic makeup, aging, special effects, and character makeup. Students will also learn basic to advanced hairstyles, time period hairstyles, and wig maintenance and styling. Students may have the opportunity to tour with Logos Theatre productions to assist the makeup department should the need arise.