We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Nathaniel Mervar for winning our most recent contest. We are pleased to give Nathaniel 4 FREE tickets to Prince Caspian as the 1st place prize.

The competition was fierce, with 98 contestants in all, but Nathaniel went above and beyond and won first place by a considerable margin. Once again, congratulations Nathaniel and we are sure you will enjoy the performance!

1/15/2018 – Top 3 Contestants

1/15/2018 – It’s time for our Lead Board update. It’s still a tight race. There have been MANY more contestants enter the race but the top 3 seem to be pretty consistent.
If you have not registered already, be sure to do so at http://theacademyofarts.org/contest/
As I write, the current contestants holding the top 3 slots are:
1 – Nathaniel Mervar – 52 points
2 – Christina Tuen – 48 points
3 – Lisa Kidwell – 46 points
Be sure to refer your friends and family for some extra points!
Keep up the great work!

1/11/2018 – Top 3 Contestants

1/11/2018 – It’s time for our Lead Board update. There’s been some movement and some people out there getting to work. Everyone else, don’t let these 4 free tickets to Prince Caspian slip away. As I write this out three leaders are:
1 – Christina Tuten
2 – Lisa Kidwell
3 – Kate Melton
We will be adding some additional ways to earn points, in the next few days so keep an eye out. If you haven’t already completed the tasks that are available, do them now! They just “MIGHT” not be there later…
Keep up the great work!

1/9/2018 – Top 3 Contestants

Things got Shaken UP today! As of this posting, our top 3 leads are ALL new!!!! And it’s a close race! Here’s where things stand at the moment:

  1. Lisa Kidwell – 45 points
  2. Kate Melton – 44 points (tie w/ 3)
  3. Christina Tuten – 44 points (tie w/ 2)

Keep at it, everyone! A LOT happened today. Thank you so much for your participation and do not forget to throw in your ideas for additional ways to earn points. From trivia to polls, to shares and more – throw out the ideas!

Keep up the great work and stay tuned tomorrow for more great updates!

1/8/2018 – Top 3 Contestants

WhAAAAAAAA???? No change?

What do we need to add? Quizzes, more sharing options, Polls, etc? Let us know how to make this fun and easy. Leave your comments on this Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/LogosTheatre/posts/2373339636012761 and tell us how we can make this better.

We will get to work on our end adding more options to the game. We want this to be FUN but audience participation is a must. Help us out and let’s make this thing the best game ever!!!!

  1. Anna Perrott – 32 Points
  2. Joy Jolin – 9 Points
  3. Donna Cline – 6 Points

We DID, however, have about 20 new participants which is GREAT. Now let’s get out there and win us some Caspian Tickets!

OK, everyone! We are off to a good start with 55 total entries so far. Each day we will post the top 3 “leaders” so be sure to keep an eye out here and most importantly start racking up those points at http://theacademyofarts.org/contest/

1/7/2018 – Top 3 Contestants

  1. Anna Perrott – 32 Points
  2. Joy Jolin – 9 Points
  3. Donna Cline – 6 Points